Tangent Room (2017)

Science fiction thriller.

Trapped in a room with only a series of numbers to help them, four scientists race against time to prevent a cosmic collapse.

Starring Jennifer Knipe, Lisa Bearpark, Vee Vimolmal, Daniel Epstein, Håkan Julander.

Writer-Director: Björn Engström

Unanimous Decision (2006)

Thriller short starring Noomi Rapace and Lia Boysen.

Festivals: Dresden, Sydney, Calgary, StLouis, Göteborg, etc.

Writer-Director-Editor: Björn Engström

The Meaning of Hugo (2012)

Comedy starring Henrik Elmér and Nathalie Söderqvist. Broadcast on Swedish TV 2012.

Best Foreign Film and Best Actor, LA Comedy Festival 2012.

Director-Editor: Björn Engström

Blue Marble Café (2012)

Comedy short about how our fast food affects the environment. Starring among others Claes Månsson, Vee Vimolmal, and a CG shrimp.

Directed by: Håkan Julander

Co-director and Editor: Björn Engström